Things to Consider When Installing Street Light Poles

GEM LUMEN offers Steel street light poles, Aluminium street light poles, and bracket mounting or street light pole arms solutions that complement our extensive assortment of outdoor area lighting and street pole lights in UAE. Based on your requirement you can select from the tapered type and non-tapered type pole designs with varying height as per project specification. All of our light poles can be accommodated with custom made mounting brackets to accommodate single or multiple luminaires on the poles. Hence, our designs provide you with a high level of flexibility in your outdoor lighting design. All our poles can be custom made as per project requirements. All the street light pole details and technical specifications will be provided during the submittal of our offer for review and approval.

GEM LUMEN is one of the leading Aluminium street light pole supplier and Steel street light pole supplier in DUBAI and the rest of UAE.

Engineers and Architects work hard to design appropriate street poles for roadways, sidewalks, parking, and your neighbourhoods. The street light poles provide a sense of security & safety primarily during the night and under low light conditions to everyone who travels or lives in that particular area.
Street lights on the street light poles do not necessarily guide the automobile traffic on the roads, However, they do offer some extra illumination which helps the drivers in identifying their surroundings and identify potential hazards if any. Cumulatively they play an important role in road safety. We are one of the top street light pole suppliers in the emirate.


When it comes to designing street poles, The height of the pole plays a very important role. Pole height is one of the main factors which affects the distribution of the light being emitted from the street lighting fixtures on the pole. Hence depending on the required light distribution, it is the job of the engineer to identify the pole height. Ideally, a road with a higher speed limit requires the street lighting fixtures to be mounted at a higher elevation. Street light pole installation is also a critical task and care must be taken to ensure proper foundation and base plates are provided as per engineering standards.


Consistency or the distance between each consecutive street pole is very important for even distribution of light. Imagine walking into a dark room; It will take several seconds for your eyes to adjust to the darkness. The same principle applies when you are driving through a well-lit street and suddenly everything goes dark. By placing the street light poles at equally spaced intervals we can achieve consistent lighting distribution. Mounting street lights at a higher elevation also helps in creating consistent lighting. This avoids the driver’s eyes constantly adjusting and hence potentially impairing the driver’s ability to see the road.


When it comes to pedestrians, the proper illumination of the sidewalks is very important. Many factors might affect the illumination of the sidewalks, for example, the branches of trees, large shrubs, or some building feature resulting in dark spots at isolated locations. These factors might appear in many public walkways and residential areas. It is vital to keep these factors in mind when designing the street light poles placements. The main goal is to ensure the number of such dark spots are reduced.

Under the current world condition, due to the rise in gas prices and due to the increased awareness to reduce the carbon footprint, more and more people are shifting to cycling instead of using automobiles. Hence, it is important to consider the factors affecting their movement, understand how it will impact the bikers and their ability to navigate safely on the roadways during the night.


Street light poles can be designed based on the ambiance required, which adds more beauty and appeal to the space around it. The final finish of the pole can be chosen as per the project requirements. A pole for the main roadways can be simple with just normal galvanizing for longer life and decent aesthetic. Whereas poles inside some residential compounds, business areas, historic districts, hotels, etc. might require some pleasing aesthetic design that complements the surrounding areas. Even the lighting itself can be chosen in such a way that it provides the required ambiance at night. Proper lighting can also be used to highlight the aesthetic features such as a fountain, garden, or any other architectural statue.


In few places with high crime rates, residents and business owners often request additional street lighting to increase visibility which will deter burglars & criminals. Hence, the presence of proper illumination tends to make people feel safer. While street lighting intends to make people feel safer, care must be taken to ensure only adequate lighting is provided since too much lighting can create glare and make it less safe for people around. One way to prevent glare is by using fewer poles and ensure proper consistent spacing between each pole.


LED lights are becoming popular and widely used today around the world for street lighting. Even the photocells are used widely which are used to turn the light ON and OFF according to the amount of available daylight. Both LED lights and Photocells reduce power consumption and money.

The average LED street lights are switched on for about 10 to 12 hours per day, depending on the life of the LED lights used the schedule for change of LED light bulbs can be planned. If all the LED lights are installed at the same time, It’s easy to plan the next replacement date.
During the routine maintenance, it is essential to check over the actual street light pole itself, because depending on the material used for the pole manufacturing there is a possibility of material wear and tears due to various reasons. Many factors need to be considered for the long life of the pole. The overall life of the street light pole also depends on the environment it is exposed to during its operation. Many street poles are made up of corrosive metals which deteriorate over time.

You can reduce the overall maintenance cost of the street light poles by investing in GEM LUMEN street lighting fixtures and street light poles. We select the pole material considering the project location where the poles will be used. We also ensure a proper protective coating for the poles is provided depending on the environmental conditions it is exposed to. Our street lighting fixtures also come with a warranty of up to 5 to 7 years. Our special material selection and manufacturing processes result in high-quality street lighting solutions.

We are one of the leading street light pole manufacturers in the UAE and you can buy street light pole from us at very competitive pricing. We also specialize in decorative street light pole, double arm street light pole, single-arm street light pole. We provide galvanized street light pole which ensures longer life of the poles. Galvanized street light pole price is very reasonable and provides the best resistance to corrosion. Street lamp poles are widely used in the UAE for roadways and other commercial and residential places. 

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