industrial-application - Petroleum C Store Lighting 750x500 - Petroleum & C-Store Lighting

Petroleum & C-Store Lighting

First impression of car drivers for a gas station comes from its light. Bright and clear light would definitely enhance a sense of safety and comfort for people. Good impression would generate a sense of loyalty for car drivers to stop by every time, and encourage them to consume in your convenience store. LED light […]

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industrial-application - Transportation Lighting 750x500 - Transportation Lighting

Transportation Lighting

Transportation applications are typically in large, wide open spaces with high ceilings or complicated aerial works. And, it would put a great pressure on cost budget. So an energy-saving lighting solution is absolutely vital. Safety is also very important in transportation applications like highway, tunnel and airport etc. Light for transportation application should be not […]

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industrial-application - Architectural Lighting 750x500 - Architectural Lighting

Architectural Lighting

Good lighting is essential in architecture design to provide safety and comfortable environment. Architectural lighting is what we need to bring the right atmosphere and dramatic feeling to a particular scene like exhibition hall, museum, office building, etc. You cannot imagine a beautiful architecture while there is not enough good lighting. With suitable lighting package […]

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industrial-application - Retail Lighting 750x500 - Retail Lighting

Retail Lighting

As Mini-supermarket is booming, the enormous electricity bills and less footprints are the common problems that every retailer are facing. So how to save the cost and attract customer is what very retail facilities pursue to. Lighting is a critical factor in creating a unique shopping environment and help to reduce the maintenance costs. An […]

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industrial-application - Agriculture Lighting 750x500 - Agriculture Lighting

Agriculture Lighting

Operating efficiently is essential to the success of any farm or agricultural holding. Regardless of whether your farm focus on crop growing, poultry or livestock, changing to LED lighting can help you save the cost significantly. Not only would converting to LEDs save you on your lighting bills, it can also enhance the safety and […]

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industrial-application - Cold Storage Lighting 750x500 - Cold Storage Lighting

Cold Storage Lighting

Normally, Cold storage is cold warehouse with many high racks. It has three dramatic features: The first one, it is cold temperature, normally starts at -30ºc. The second one, it has many high racks. And the third one, people seldom walk in unless they need goods in cold storage. In this condition, we can conclude […]

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industrial-application - Food Processing Lighting 750x500 - Food Processing Lighting

Food Processing Lighting

Processing plants require a lot of lighting, and well-lit areas means safety, and more for individuals. As workers look to get their jobs done in an efficient manner, the brightness becomes a factor. LED elements are absolutely grand, and can be absolutely cost effective. Better lighting is needed if the lights are from a bygone […]

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industrial-application - Manufacturing Lighting 750x500 - Manufacturing Lighting

Manufacturing Lighting

Manufacturing Lighting is used in the production hall which lighting system keeps up around 10-24 hours per working day. Flexible lighting system can deliver consistently high light levels, significantly enhance safety and productivity on the work floor, contributing to a greater feeling of well being among staff, and keeps things running smoothly. As replacing lamps […]

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industrial-application - Parking Garage Lighting 750x500 - Parking Garage Lighting

Parking Garage Lighting

Parking Garage illumination should be based on safe environment in multifunctional, ensure driving safety and achieve energy saving goal. Outdoor parking lot usually install floodlight, providing enough lux on the ground and reasonable control glare problem. Indoor parking garage are distributed pipeline, and most of them are in dark situation. This relatively complicated environment require […]

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industrial-application - Sports Stadium Lighting 750x500 - Sports & Stadium Lighting

Sports & Stadium Lighting

Sports & Stadium Lighting always offers good circumstance for the fans and players in the sports venue, several nice lamps can help you with a clear visibility, to create a perfect ambient to enjoy a great fun there. However, the brightness, uniformity and glare are several core elements which will affect the general performance, thus, […]

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