We offer wide variety of solutions for Steel & Aluminium poles for different applications like lights, traffic, CCTV etc.

We are one of the leading Steel & Aluminium Pole suppliers in the UAE with ability to provide customized solution as per your need. We are fully equipped to meet all your special or non standard requirements. Our goal is to meet the needs you envision.

Our sales staff and engineering professionals will assist you in finding the perfect solution to meet your project requirement and budget.

Our product range includes Octagonal, Conical, Decorative, Cylindrical or any other customized poles designed for specific requirements with highest quality and standards. We provide warranty ranging from 5 Years to 20 years depending on type of the pole and final finishes.

We manufacture poles which are environment friendly. Our poles are designed for reuse and recycling. We use green energy and social responsibility is paramount in our company policies.

The complete manufacturing cycle which includes all the designing, sampling, fabrications, machining, galvanising and final coating is handled by our team of professionals which makes GEM LUMEN the one stop destination for the complete manufacturing process from start to finish. This minimises the overall delivery time and the hassle you have to go through. The tedious supply channels are removed and we are fully accountable for your requirement being fulfilled by delivering high quality products.


We are specialized in manufacturing & supply of steel poles for Area Lighting and Roadways. Material for the pole is carefully selected by our engineers as depending upon the project requirements & the load on the pole. Pole shafts are normally manufactured from rolled or formed welded steel tubing.

Access door or reinforced handhole is provided for each pole with locking cover plate. For the purpose of grounding, an electrical grounding lug is typically provided. Mounting brackets are fabricated based on the lighting fixtures or any other accessories that are required to be mounted on the pole. All the mounting brackets can be custom made depending on client requirement.

Steel shaft construction conforms to ASTM grade material or as per project specification. Base plates are plasma cut to the required size and circumferentially welded top and bottom to the pole shaft meeting AWS specifications. The welding electrodes are carefully selected as per the WPS to achieve a good weld between the base plate and the shaft. Depending on the size of the shaft & the base plate the fully galvanised anchor bolts are selected with double nuts and washers.


Most of our Aluminium poles are manufactured using Aluminium Alloy 6061 or 6063 and other material grades are used based on project requirement & application. Base plates are manufactured based on the load requirements. Special poles sizes can be developed to meet the project requirements.

Aluminium poles are considered for few major application across the UAE depending on the project requirements and few of the inherent qualities which under few instances are far better suited than steel poles.

Aluminium poles remain rust free over the life of the pole. The aluminium poles have competitive pricing and hence providing cost effective solutions. The Aluminium poles are also lighter in weight when compared to the steel poles which makes the installation of aluminium poles much easier. Aluminium poles are recyclable and hence less wastage. If required Aluminium poles can be installed directly into the ground without the base plates or anchor bolts and has a considerable long life cycle.

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