Distributors of Emergency Lights Certified & Approved by the UAE Civil Defense!

As a part of our continuous growth process, We have partnered with a reputed international brand and are the distributors of their products in United Arab Emirates.

The partner company established in 1995 is one of the leading industrial enterprises that designs and manufactures innovative products in the lighting electronics sector and has undertaken and concluded many innovative projects with its 20 years of know how and experience.

Through our joint efforts and series of technical tests, Our Emergency Lighting solutions have been approved and certified by the “UAE Civil Defense”.


One of the most important safety system in a building is emergency lighting. Emergency lighting plays a major role in making it possible to safely stop working and in evacuation of the building occupants by following emergency exit lights in case of emergency. Emergency lighting is a kind of standalone backup system which is independent of the general electrical distribution of the building. Emergency lighting has to be always operational and ready to use for the safety of the building occupants.

Emergency lighting can be implemented by two different methods, either with a centrally powered emergency lights or with a self-contained emergency lighting system. Centrally powered means that the central battery unit is the back up power source and Self-Contained means that the lights contain it’s own backup power source like a battery. GEM LUMEN offers a wide range of emergency lighting products from both categories based on the client requirement. Depending on the application, emergency lights components can be robust enough to withstand any type of harshest and most challenging environments.

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