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commercial-application - Architecture Lighting 750x500 - Architecture Lighting

Architecture Lighting

Architectural lightings design require a highly functional style of lighting in spaces, like offering concentrated downlight and highlighting certain areas of a room. As a leading LED manufacturer, GEM LUMEN lighting solutions for Architectural create a excellent environment with integrated heat dispersion structure, lower degradation and long lifespan. Compare to fluorescent fixtures, The appearance of […]

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commercial-application - Conference Lighting 750x500 - Conference Lighting

Conference Lighting

Conference room is used for giving a lecture, making presentations and discussing some issues. Lighting for conference applications should meet multi-functional requirements. Adjustable LED lighting system can easy satisfy different meeting rooms demand. LED light solutions usually should be impressive and excellent, because lighting can enhance your space atmosphere and give your business partners a […]

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commercial-application - Courtyard Lighting 750x500 - Courtyard Lighting

Courtyard Lighting

Courtyard are usually created in the frontyard, backyard, between two building or in the center of a home builing. But many people usually ignore courtyard lighting because of high expenditure and extra labor costs. LED lighting for outdoor courtyard applications is very apposite and increase people’s happiness. LED as lighting sources, high efficiency, energy-saving, Eco-friendly, […]

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commercial-application - Exhibition Lighting 750x500 - Exhibition Lighting

Exhibition Lighting

When it comes to exhibition lighting, this is a good place for people to enjoy leisure time. Contrast to home lighting, exhibition lighting design should pay more attention to local lighting to enhance the brightness of exhibits and form a contrast from the surrounding environment. Moreover to enhance the space atmosphere to attract people. LED […]

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commercial-application - Gym Lighting 750x500 - Gym Lighting

Gym Lighting

As we known, Gym Lighting usually have different lighting needs based on the area, a right Gymnasiums and sports lighting can provide bright and vibrant scenes for players and sportsmen to enjoy fun here. LED lighting for gymnasium can be dimmable compared to traditional lamps, it is indispensable for Gym rooms to be used in […]

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commercial-application - Healthcare Lightings 750x500 - Healthcare Lighting

Healthcare Lighting

With the development of LEDs technologies, LED luminaires can be suitable for Medical & Healthcare Lighting application. Because healthcare lighting must be high brightness, energy saving and longer lifetime. Meanwhile anti-glare function is very important in the whole healthcare lighting’s design. GEM LUMEN lights are designed to meet the specific needs of the healthcare environment, […]

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commercial-application - Hotel Lighting 750x500 - Hotel Lighting

Hotel Lighting

Talking about hotel lighting, customers usually need a comfortable and stable lighting environment, if your hotel lighting design is special and unique, you can win the praise from the customers and leave a good impression. Like hotel hallways, lobby and room, these place’s lights have their own unique needs. GEM LUMEN as a best LED […]

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commercial-application - Industrial Warehouse Lighting 750x500 - Industrial Warehouse Lighting

Industrial Warehouse Lighting

Commercial warehouse lightings need to adopt high brighter and energy-saving LED lighting solutions, now many facility owners and managers, from industrial warehouse, commercial storage and distribution centers, they want to reduce energy consumption and save lighting costs. So select a right LED lighting kit for warehouse applactions would be important. Such as longer lifetime, rapid […]

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commercial-application - Office Lighting 750x500 - Office Lighting

Office Lighting

Whether you work in a commercial office building or home office, you should pay more attention to the high quality and unique character lighting design. Because appropriate office lighting will influence your productivity. GEM LUMEN Lighting for corporate office applications have good advantages of high efficiency, controllability, Low-temperature operation. Apart from this, LED light fixtures […]

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commercial-application - Residential Lighting 750x500 - Residential Lighting

Residential Lighting

Building a energy efficiency residential lighting can create a excellent envorinment to live with your families. Home lighting can be divided into cabinet Lighting, bathroom Lighting bedroom Lighting and canteen Lighting ect. Led lighting for home applications usually are led ceiling lights and wall lights. Featuring energy-efficient, aesthetic, anti glare and Low-temperature alternative to traditional […]

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