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GEM LUMEN offers top quality Industrial products and Equipment recommended in the field of Construction & Petrochemicals . Nearly a decade of service excellence helps make us certainly the region’s celebrated solution provider in the MEP Markets .

Headquartered in the UAE , we now have a robust foothold all throughout the Middle-East and even beyond.

The company has exploded through a process of success which explainsrepeatedly generatingpro interactions with creditable clientele like the Home construction Titans , Highest quality Petrochemical industries , Distributors , General Sellers , Governmentalcompanies and the different various other Industrial industrial sectors .

All our goods areproduced under facilities complying to ISO guideline under stern control from well-experienced QA/QC Technical engineersutilizingassociatedTechnicalguidelines . Our goods are of top-quality with a history of virtually 0% problem rate not to mentionprompt lead times . We in addition have a warranty of up to five years for the majority of our goods .

Through many years of initiative of GEM LUMEN , most of the goods areregistered by leadingofficial certifications institutes .

We have worked on lots of jobs with a variety of valued clients , each and everyone with a variedcriteria and additionally viewpoint .

We quite as a organisation , collaborate with our clientele in every stage of product or service options . Our specific course of action will cause an infinitely moresteady , impactful , combined withvitalassociation with our clients .

GEM LUMEN seems to have picked up a remarkableimpulse from the world-wide market place on the account of it’s Advanced technology , Level of quality Par Excellence , Impressive Rate , Very good System , ThoroughlyHandled Customer Support and the Professionalism and reliability .

Today , most people pursue enterprises with the buyer experience that suitably meet up their needs . GEM LUMEN is known forarranging each one of these best-in-class encounter , based upon being creative , engineering , documents , furthermoreorganizational system necessary for operating brilliance .

We mix all of these attributes into one business answer to the problem , sourcing products or services that are classed as of top quality , less expensive and consequently cater to industrial sectors andgrow valuable unions with purchasers .

This user-centric method helps make us the fastest-growing organization since our creation .

For just about all your enquiries with reference to us and also our goods , we are able to revertwithin a single day !

We posseswell-trained and even enthusiastic sale & after-sales people that are available.

We have got highlyskilled R&D Technical engineers and we certainly have strong capacity to participate in lots of differentsizable range projects furthermore satisfy almost all your business needs .

Our TechStaff can provide you with in depth evaluation & recent reports where ever deemedneeded .

We have won the client credibility for a long time by mentoring and offeringpersonalized solutions relating to their requirement with solutions par excellence . This is just one way we shine from the rest .