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GEM LUMEN supplies premium Industrial products and Equipment required in the field of Construction & Petrochemicals . Practically a decade of service excellence has made us by far one of the region’s popular solution company in the MEP Market .

Headquartered in the UAE , there is a sturdy foothold in various parts of the Middle-East or even beyond.

The enterprise shot up all through a pathway of being successful as well asalways generatingreputable bonds with reliable valued clients which includes Development Titans , Highest quality Petrochemical industry , Traders , General Sellers , Governmentfirms including plenty of some other Business oriented market sectors .

All our merchandise arecreated under production sites complying to ISO procedure under stringent direction from proficient enough QA/QC Technical engineersutilizingapplicableEngineeredbenchmarks . Our goods are of professional quality with a track record of near to 0% disorder rate and evenprompt lead period . We also provide a guarantee of nearly five years for almost all of our products .

Through many years of hard work of GEM LUMEN , every one of the goods arerecognised by popularcertification institutes .

We have worked on a number of different assignment with numerous businesses , each with a specializedconditions also perception .

We as a organisation , join with our customers in every phase of product choices . Our distinct tactic leads to the an infinitely moreabsolutely consistent , impactful , andrewardingrelation with our consumers .

GEM LUMEN seems to have obtained an amazingresponse from the worldwide industry by virtue of it’s Revolution , High quality Par Excellence , Very good Prices , Right System , EffectivelyMaintained Support Service together with Expertise .

Today , customers embrace brands with the customer experiences that perfectly cover their demands . GEM LUMEN is well-known forcoming up with these types of best-in-class experience , in line with originality , technological know-how , statistics , and thenorganizational master plan essential for operating excellence .

We incorporate these valuable attributes into the one solution , sourcing services or products that are of high quality , very affordable and therefore promote market sectors and alsoboost purposeful working relationships with people .

This user-centric process tends to make us the fastest-growing firm ever since our formation .

For all your inquiries regarding us or perhaps our products , we are able to revertwithin twenty four !

We ownwell-trained and also passionate product sales & after-sales employees for your convenience.

We possess incrediblyexperienced R&D Technical engineers furthermore we certainly have intense capacity to participate in an array ofenormous size projects and meet all your requirements .

Our DedicatedTeam can provide you with detailed advisory & reports where ever regarded as beingrequired .

We have won the client faith over the years by working and offeringcustomized solutions in accordance with their prerequisite with expertise par excellence . This is how we differentiate ourselves from the rest .