We Offer INDUSTRIAL & CONSTRUCTION HARDWARE in Ras Al Khaimah and The Surrounding Area

We Offer INDUSTRIAL & CONSTRUCTION HARDWARE in Ras Al Khaimah and The Surrounding Area

If you need industrial & construction hardware , we can help you. Email us today for more information.

GEM LUMEN provides you with top notch Industrial products and Equipment essential in the field of Construction & Petrochemicals . Nearly a decade of service excellence made us certainly one of the region’s notable solution vendor in the MEP Markets .

Headquartered in the UAE , we certainly have a firm foothold in all places of the Middle-East and also beyond.

The organisation has grown owing to a pathway of success and isrepetitively establishingexpert connections with established people which include Production Companies , Top rated Petrochemical organisations , Retailers , General Merchants , Governmentalenterprises and even many a few other Business market sectors .

All our merchandise areassembled under centers complying to ISO regulation under stringent supervising from specialized QA/QC EngineerswithapplicableTechnologyspecifications . Our items are of prime quality with a reputation of mostly 0% problem rate and alsoshort lead period . We in addition have an assurance of about five years for most of our products .

Through numerous years of operations of GEM LUMEN , just about all items arecredentialed by popularofficial certifications organisations .

We have worked on several different projects with many valued clients , each and every one with a specializeddemand and point of view .

We being a power team , join with our clients in each and every phase of product choice . Our exclusive solution actually leaves a morerecurring , impactful , alsovaluablerapport with our consumers .

GEM LUMEN seems to have achieved a perfectimpulse from the globe market place caused by it’s Innovation , Good quality Par Excellence , Fantastic Price tag , Most suitable Services , SuitablyHandled Customer Satisfaction and additionally Professionalism and trust .

Today , consumers welcome organizations with the client experiences that best match the features they require . GEM LUMEN is well known forputting together all these best-in-class experience , driven by ingenuity , technical knowledge , important information , alsoorganizational method necessary for functional superiority .

We include these kind of abilities into a sole solution , sourcing improvement products which are of top notch quality , cost effective furthermore help sustain business furthermoregrow significant working relationships with individuals .

This user-centric process makes us the fastest-growing agency right after our formation .

For each of your questions regarding us or maybe our products and solutions , allow us to revertwithin a single day !

We posseswell-trained and highly charged sale & after-sales people for your convenience.

We offer stronglyskilled R&D Engineers as well as we have effective potential to take care of all sorts oflarge scale assignment and also fulfill just about all your requirements .

Our SpecializedCrew can deliver you with detailed analysis & reports wherever regarded as beingessential .

We have attained the consumer faith up to now by helping and creatingpersonalized solutions in accordance with their prerequisite with products and services par excellence . This is how we look prominent from the rest .