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GEM LUMEN caters excellent quality Industrial products and Equipment required in the field of Construction & Petrochemicals . Around a decade of service excellence made us one of the region’s prominent solution vendor in the MEP Market .

Headquartered in the UAE , there is an intense foothold everywhere in the Middle-East not to mention beyond.

The establishment has grown through a process of growth which explainssteadily improvingquality bonds with creditable individuals consisting of Structural design Corporations , Main Petrochemical enterprises , Retail stores , General Merchants , Govtcorporations coupled with different several other Engineering industries .

All our products areconstructed under facilities complying to ISO guidebook under tight administration from suitable QA/QC EngineersimplementingapplicableTechnicalregulation . Our goods are of good quality with a credibility of very nearly 0% disorder rate in addition toshort lead time period . We also offer an assurance of nearly five years for nearly all of our items .

Through many years of undertakings of GEM LUMEN , almost all goods arecertified by popularofficial qualifications entities .

We have worked on many different contracts with a great number of clientele , every one with a differentcriteria as well as the right perspective .

We being a business , combine with our valued clients in each stage of product or service options . Our exclusive system provides a bit morecoherent , impactful , alsoimpressiverelationship with our consumers .

GEM LUMEN has received a very goodresult from the world-wide industry entirely due to it’s Originality , Superior quality Par Excellence , Excellent Reasonable price , The best Services , FavorablyHandled Customer Service coupled with Professionalism and trust .

Today , you actually acknowledge companies with the customer encounters that most suitably deal with what they require . GEM LUMEN is well known forbuilding all these best-in-class encounter , determined by ideas , modern technology , information and facts , furthermoreorganizational procedure essential for management excellence .

We merge these kind of features into the one answer to the problem , sourcing products or services that are absolutely of high-quality , reasonably priced and even help sustain establishments and evendevelop beneficial unions with customers .

This user-centric process makes us the fastest-growing organization after our formation .

For all of your requests regarding us or our materials , we will revertwithin 1 day !

We posseswell-trained as well as passionate sale & after-sales people for your convenience.

We have incrediblyexperienced R&D Engineers and even we certainly have strong capability to tackle an array ofhuge volume tasks and additionally meet up pretty much all your needs .

Our TechnicalPersonnel can deliver you with meticulous evaluation & recent reports wherever thought to beneeded .

We have won the consumer credibility up to now by mentoring and offeringtailor made solutions as stated by their demand with services par excellence . This is when we differentiate ourselves from the rest .