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GEM LUMEN offers professional quality Industrial products and Equipment necessary in the area of Construction & Petrochemicals . Nearly a decade of service excellence made us certainly one of the region’s noticeable solution firm in the MEP Market .

Headquartered in the UAE , we own a very good foothold all throughout the Middle-East or even beyond.

The organization is growing all the way through a course of great outcomes as well asregularly strengtheningpro working relationships with esteemed customers for instance Home construction Leaders , Foremost Petrochemical organisations , Resellers , General Sellers , Governmentorganizations not to mention numerous various Industrial market sectors .

All our goods areprocessed under companies complying to ISO guidebook under tight control from skilled enough QA/QC Technical engineersby usingassociatedProductionconditions . Our goods are of top-quality with a historical past of close to 0% complaint rate includingshort lead time . We in addition have a guarantee of up to as high as five years for the majority of our products .

Through many years of efforts of GEM LUMEN , most of the goods areguaranteed by popularlicensing entities .

We have worked on various jobs with many different consumers , each and everyone with a distinctiveprerequisite not to mention prospect .

We as a business , combine with our valued clientele in each and every phase of item choice . Our completely unique solution contributes to a far moretargeted , impactful , alsoproductiveaffiliation with our valued clients .

GEM LUMEN seems to have picked up an amazingfeed-back from the broad market as a consequence of it’s Technology , Superior quality Par Excellence , Impressive Price , Ideal Service , EffectivelyRegulated Customer Care Services moreover Professionalism .

Today , men and women embrace companies with the customers experience that most effectively meet their particular needs . GEM LUMEN is widely known forestablishing these kind of best-in-class experiences , influenced by creative ideas , technological innovation , documentation , alsoorganizational approach necessary for operating brilliance .

We add these types of abilities into one single answer to the problem , sourcing products and services that are regularly of high quality , budget friendly and also help businesses andpromote beneficial associations with people .

This user-centric practice makes us the fastest-growing firm since our creation .

For pretty much all your inquiries with reference to us or perhaps our supplies , we are able to revertwithin 24 hours !

We ownwell-trained as well as passionate sales & after-sales staff at your disposal.

We possess extremelyexperienced R&D Technical engineers and we certainly have strong capability to deal with an array ofmassive range projects furthermore meet all of your business needs .

Our ProfessionalStaff members can furnish you with comprehensive analysis & recent reports whenever viewed asrequired .

We have won the consumer faith throughout the years by contributing and deliveringpersonalized solutions as outlined by their necessity with products and services par excellence . This is the way we differentiate ourselves from the rest .