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GEM LUMEN delivers top quality Industrial products and Equipment recommended in the area of Construction & Petrochemicals . Close to a decade of service excellence helps make us part of the region’s distinguished solution vendor in the MEP Marketplace .

Headquartered in the UAE , we have now a strong foothold in all parts of the Middle-East and also beyond.

The company is continuing to grow owing to a path of accomplishments as well asendlessly building upexcellent bonds with dependable clients like Manufacturing Companies , Largest Petrochemical agencies , Outlet stores , General Merchants , Governmentalorganizations combined with plenty of a few other Business oriented market sectors .

All our merchandise aremade under facilities complying to ISO guide under stringent management from trained QA/QC Technical engineerswithappropriateQualityguidelines . Our goods are of top standard with a background of just about 0% problem rate includingeffective lead times . We likewise have an assurance of to as much as 5 years for most of our materials .

Through many years of campaigns of GEM LUMEN , almost all goods arerecognized by chiefofficial certifications firms .

We have worked on a number of different assignments with a lot of clients , everyone with a specificrequisite in addition to mindset .

We just like a group , unite with our clientele in every consideration of item choice . Our exclusive practice gives rise to a lot morefocused , impactful , and alsoimpressiveassociation with our valued clients .

GEM LUMEN seems to have won a fantasticreaction from the world wide marketplace thanks to it’s Creativity , Superior quality Par Excellence , Very good Reasonable cost , Awesome Service , ProperlyMaintained Customer Services moreover Professionalism .

Today , customers pursue businesses and organizations with the client encounters that properly satisfy the features they require . GEM LUMEN is recognized forproducing all of these best-in-class encounter , influenced by creative thought , modern technology , facts , combined withorganizational policy necessary for management superiority .

We mix each one of these expertise into 1 solution , sourcing products and services which have been of top notch quality , reasonable and even help sustain establishments and evenbuild considerable meaningful relationships with customers .

This user-centric strategy brands us the fastest-growing group right after our creation .

For all of your requests concerning us and or our products or services , we can easily revertwithin 24 hrs !

We havewell-trained and also passionate quick sales & after-sales workforce readily available.

We have very wellskilled R&D Technical engineers and we certainly have intense ability to participate in all sorts ofgiant size ventures furthermore match almost all your needs .

Our ProfessionalWorkforce can provide you with complete analysis & reports whenever considered to beessential .

We have gained the buyer trust over time by helping and offeringtailor-made solutions as outlined by their prerequisite with products and services par excellence . This is just one way we shine from the rest .