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GEM LUMEN offers high quality Industrial products and Equipment necessary in the area of Construction & Petrochemicals . Almost a decade of service excellence has made us by far one of the region’s distinguished solution firm in the MEP Marketplace .

Headquartered in the UAE , we own a solid foothold in all places of the Middle-East and beyond.

The enterprise continues to grow all through a course of being successful which explainsendlessly building upexcellent connections with well respected groups of people such as Construction work Powerhouse , Best known Petrochemical industries , Traders , General Sellers , Govtorganizations in addition to many different a few other Business oriented companies .

All our goods areassembled under amenities complying to ISO principles under disciplined control from capable QA/QC EngineerswithappropriateEngineeringregulations . Our goods are of high-quality with a past record of literally 0% disorder rate includingshorter lead times . We also provide an assurance of about five years for majority of our items .

Through a long term of endeavors of GEM LUMEN , many goods areaccredited by majoraccreditation establishments .

We have worked on a lot of projects with a good number of valued clients , everyone with a specificneeds and viewpoint .

We as a organisation , team with our clients in each aspect of product or service choice . Our unique methodology induces a much moresteady , impactful , and thenimportantassociation with our valued clientele .

GEM LUMEN seems to have achieved an extremely goodimpulse from the world market place due to the it’s Modernization , High-quality Par Excellence , Incredible Selling price , Right Services , AppropriatelySupervised Customer Services and the Professionalism and trust .

Today , customers accept corporations with the consumer experience that most suitably meet up their demands . GEM LUMEN is acknowledged forproducing such best-in-class exposures , depending on ideas , knowledge , info , and alsoorganizational technique essential for the operating superiority .

We unite these attributes into one solution , sourcing services or products that definitely are of prime quality , cost-effective and as a consequence assist enterprises andgrow considerable communication with end users .

This user-centric practice has made us the fastest-growing corporation after our formation .

For just about all your enquiries regarding us and even our products or services , we will revertwithin twenty four hours !

We posseswell-trained as well as passionate quick sales & after-sales people readily available.

We have got extremelyknowledgeable R&D Engineers as well as we have great ability to carry out heaps of differentgiant range jobs moreover meet up with almost all your needs .

Our TechieTeam can furnish you with meticulous research & recent reports where regarded asobligatory .

We have received the customer belief for a long time by supporting and creatingtailor-made solutions as per their necessity with expertise par excellence . This is just one way we stand out from the rest .