We Offer TOOLS & TACKLES in UAE and The Surrounding Area

We Offer TOOLS & TACKLES in UAE and The Surrounding Area

If you need tools & tackles , we can help you. Give us a call for more information.

GEM LUMEN supplies high-quality Industrial products and Equipment preferred in the area of Construction & Petrochemicals . Practically a decade of service excellence makes us without doubt one of the region’s dominant solution vendor in the MEP Trade .

Headquartered in the UAE , we now have a highly effective foothold in all places of the Middle-East and also beyond.

The establishment has grown owing to a path of popularity which explainsendlessly improvingpro trust with well respected individuals which contains Manufacturing Powerhouse , Main Petrochemical companies , Merchants , General Sellers , Governmentalinstitutions and the multiple additional Engineering companies .

All our merchandise areconstructed under factories complying to ISO guideline under stern supervising from proficient QA/QC Technical engineersimplementingappropriateEngineeringprotocols . Our items are of high-quality with a background of approximately 0% issue rate andbrief lead times . We also give a guarantee of up to as high as five years for most of our materials .

Through a long term of campaigns of GEM LUMEN , all items areregistered by leadinglicensing institutes .

We have worked on various contracts with numerous customers , each one with a specificnecessity combined with direction .

We just like a power team , work with our consumers in every factors of product picking . Our one of a kind system makes for an even morecontinuous , impactful , includingproductiveconnection with our clients .

GEM LUMEN has won a very goodresponse from the international market-place thanks to it’s Creativeness , Good quality Par Excellence , Incredible Price tag , Awesome Service , ThoroughlyControlled Support Service not to mention Know-how .

Today , many people welcome organisations with the customer experience that properly fulfill their demands . GEM LUMEN is widely known fordesigning such best-in-class encounter , based upon visualization , knowledge , info , and evenorganizational methodology necessary for operating excellence .

We use combination of these valuable attributes into one single answer to the problem , sourcing products and services that will be of superior , reasonable and as a consequence promote enterprises as well ascultivate significant partnerships with individuals .

This user-centric concept helps make us the fastest-growing company right after our creation .

For all your enquiries about us or simply our supplies , we are able to revertwithin a day !

We possesswell-trained and passionate quick sales & after-sales staff members accessible.

We have got extremelyexperienced R&D Technical engineers and also we have great capacity to engage in lots of differentmassive range jobs and even meet up with all of your business needs .

Our TechnicalStaff can furnish you with thorough research & reports anywhere consideredrequired .

We have received the customers credibility through the years by working and providingcustom made solutions favoring to their requirement with expertise par excellence . This is when we differentiate ourselves from the rest .