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GEM LUMEN provides excellent quality Industrial products and Equipment required in the field of Construction & Petrochemicals . Practically a decade of service excellence makes us considered to be one of the region’s significant solution service provider in the MEP Sector .

Headquartered in the UAE , we have an impressive foothold all over the Middle-East or even beyond.

The establishment continues to grow all through a process of being successful which explainsconsistently growingreputable partnerships with esteemed valued clients that has Manufacturing Titans , Biggest Petrochemical brands , Traders , General Dealers , Stateassociations as well as many different several other Commercial industries .

All our items aredeveloped under centers complying to ISO regulation under disciplined supervision from eligible QA/QC Technical engineersemployingassociatedScientificspecifications . Our items are of top notch with a track record of practically 0% issue rate as well asshorter lead time frame . We offer an approved warranty of as much as 5 years for a majority of our goods .

Through years of endeavours of GEM LUMEN , all items arecredentialed by leadinglicensing companies .

We have worked on many different assignments with quite a number of customers , each and everyone with a differentdemand as well as a new view .

We being a business , join with our valued clientele in each and every approach of item choices . Our completely unique approach will give you an even moretrustworthy , impactful , not to mentionmuch neededpartnership with our valued clients .

GEM LUMEN has attained a superiorresults from the world market place due to the it’s Modernization , Premium quality Par Excellence , Fantastic End cost , Most suitable Service , EfficientlyAchieved Customer Services moreover Professionalism and reliability .

Today , you actually embrace agencies with the buyer experiences that properly satisfy their needs . GEM LUMEN is well-known forplanning each of these best-in-class encounters , powered by creativity , engineering , facts , and evenorganizational procedure needed for operating brilliance .

We incorporate each of these abilities into one business answer to the problem , sourcing products and services that have been of top quality , economical and additionally help sustain market sectors furthermorecultivate considerable relationships with end users .

This user-centric method brands us the fastest-growing organization since our creation .

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We havewell-trained and enthusiastic product sales & after-sales assistants at your disposal.

We have got exceptionallyexperienced R&D Technical engineers moreover we have intense power to under-take heaps of differentmassive scale jobs and even fulfill all of your needs .

Our ProfessionalStaff can deliver you with step by step technical analysis & reports anywhere deemedrequired .

We have earned the clients faith up to now by helping and providingcustomized solutions as outlined by their necessity with solutions par excellence . This is just one way we excel from the rest .