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GEM LUMEN provides top notch Industrial products and Equipment required in the area of Construction & Petrochemicals . Nearly a decade of service excellence has made us part of the region’s preferred solution business in the MEP Markets .

Headquartered in the UAE , we own an intense foothold throughout the Middle-East as well as beyond.

The firm is continuing to grow all through a course of achieving success as well asceaselessly establishingspecialized meaningful relationships with legitimate customers including the Production Industry leaders , Leading Petrochemical companies , Outlets , General Sellers , Stateenterprises combined with plenty many other Business oriented sectors .

All our items arebuilt under factories complying to ISO regulation under disciplined management from skilled enough QA/QC Technical engineersby usingessentialScientificstandards . Our goods are of top notch with a record of very nearly 0% complaint rate alsosmall lead time frame . We also provide a warranty of as much as 5 years for a lot of our products and solutions .

Through a long term of endeavors of GEM LUMEN , all of the goods arerecognised by biggestaccreditation firms .

We have worked on a number of different assignments with a large number of businesses , each and everyone with a particularrequisite and additionally the right perspective .

We like a workforce , team up with our valued clients in each approach of product choices . Our innovative strategy leads to a much morecontinuous , impactful , and alsoproductiverelation with our consumers .

GEM LUMEN has accomplished an idealreaction from the worldwide market considering it’s Creativity , Quality Par Excellence , Amazing Reasonable cost , Appropriate Services , ConsiderablyOperated Support Service together with Know-how .

Today , men and women grab hold of companies with the consumers experiences that most desirably deal with their needs . GEM LUMEN is recognized forarranging these kinds of best-in-class occurrences , dependent on creative thought , modern technology , marketing information , and in additionorganizational master plan necessary for operational superiority .

We include these particular expertise into a single answer to the problem , sourcing products or services which are tested to be of excellent quality , cost-effective and therefore help market sectors as well asfoster beneficial communication with purchasers .

This user-centric approach has made us the fastest-growing group right after our formation .

For just about all your inquiries about us or even our products or services , we are able to revertwithin a day or so !

We havewell-trained and also passionate marketing & after-sales staff for your convenience.

We offer heavilyskilled R&D Technical engineers furthermore we certainly have effective ability to tackle all types ofenormous size ventures and meet just about all your needs .

Our EngineeringStaff can deliver you with step by step analysis & reports anywhere regarded as beingnecessary .

We have obtained the customer credibility year after year by supporting and supplyingtailor made solutions in accordance with their criteria with products and services par excellence . This is the way we look prominent from the rest .